Dry needling

Stress, incorrect postures or overburdening may cause muscle ‘knots’. Dry needling will help to ‘break down’ these painful trigger points. Various therapists at Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet specialise in dry needling.


Knots, or trigger points, are hardenings in your muscles that may cause (radiating) pain, restrictions of mobility, loss of strength, tingling and/or dizziness. Dry needling is a technique that can rapidly reduce increased muscle tension. It is applied using a sterile, thin, dry needle. ‘Dry’ means that no fluid is injected while the needle briefly touches on the trigger point. You will not feel the touch of the needle. When the trigger point is touched, you will experience a feeling of pressure and some sort of muscle cramp, after which the muscle instantly relaxes. After treatment the muscle may feel heavy and tired; a feeling which usually does not last long.

For dry needling, please consult Eline, Peer, Sannah and Diederik.

For more information about dry needling, go to dryneedling.nl or read the ‘Dry Needling’ brochure.