Ultrasound is an option when the cause of your complaints cannot be immediately established or localised by your physiotherapist. At Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet Frank and Sannah have specialised in this field.


Ultrasound employs soundwaves sent through the body. These waves ‘bounce’ on muscles, tendons, bones, joints and so on, and are subsequently collected. Fed into a computer, these data build up an image consisting of shades of black, white and grey. Based on these images the ultrasound specialist can detect the cause of your complaint and localise it. Furthermore, measurements can be made to assess the difference caused both during and after treatment. This will give you an indication of the progress and result of possible therapy.


Ultrasound enables us to inspect almost all joints and to examine muscles for possible rips or tears. Shockwave therapy can be a good supplement to ultrasound. As soon as the location of the complaints has been ascertained by ultrasound, shockwave therapy can be used to treat the complaint. Of course, ultrasound can also be used without shockwave therapy. Ultrasound can be an addition to physiotherapeutic examination in order to establish the cause of your complaint.

Would you like to know more about ultrasound? Then book an appointment with Frank or ask your physiotherapist.