Whenever you experience physical complaints during work, sports or leisure activities your physiotherapist is there for you. You can also see a physiotherapist when you have chronic complaints or are in need of rehabilitation after an operation or accident. We at Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet will do everything we can to remedy your complaints, relieve pain or to prevent worse from happening.

Customised healthcare

Since everyone is unique our physiotherapists provide customised care. During your first appointment, your physiotherapist will draw a complete picture of your complaint. Next we will prepare a treatment schedule on the basis of your information and the result of your physical test.


Our physiotherapists at Zwaansvliet specialise in various examination techniques and treatment methods. Take for instance ultrasound, shockwave or manual therapy, dry needling or sports physiotherapy. When your complaint requires a specific specialisation your physiotherapist in attendance may refer you to a colleague at Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet.
In addition to the treatment itself your physiotherapist gives prevention advice, information and coaching to prevent a relapse or worsening of your complaints. When booking your first appointment you can indicate if you wish for treatment according to a specific specialisation. In that case we will arrange for consultation with the appropriate physiotherapist.

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