Medical Taping Concept

When a certain group of muscles causes complaints, application of special taping could bring relief and encourage recovery. Examples are supports applied to muscle tissue and improvement of muscle blood saturation. Various specialists in this field work at Physiotherapy


The Medical Taping Concept was developed in Japan and Korea in the ‘70s. This concept starts from the body’s assumed self-healing powers. By supporting overburdened or strained muscles through applying special elastic taping the muscle will keep functioning without causing too much pain. This will retain your muscle activity and therefore your general mobility. It also boosts the self-healing capacity of the body, as in addition to affecting your mobility this will also improve your blood circulation and lymphatic system. Malfunctioning muscles cause various kinds of complaints and disorders. By applying the Medical Taping Concept we reduce the pain while you are working on your recovery.

Would you like to know more about the Medical Taping Concept? Just ask your physiotherapist.