Shockwave therapy can be applied when you suffer chronic pain in a muscle, tendon or joint caused by for instance inflammation or hardening. At Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet Frank and Sannah have specialised in this field.


Shockwave therapy stems from the kidney stone pulverisation technique. Using a treatment pistol, ‘shock waves’ are transferred direct to the pain spot. It concerns sound waves in high doses, for treatment of hardened or scarred tissues, after which the cells will recuperate by themselves. The advantage of shockwave therapy is that treatment does not last long while your pain quickly wears off. This makes you move better and encourages the natural healing process. The application of shockwave therapy is not always painless. There are various types of shockwave therapy: radial, focused and planarian. Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet uses radial shockwave.

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