Your sports physiotherapist prevents and remedies sports injuries both for amateurs and professional sportsmen. When pain frustrates and hinders you in your sports you can book an appointment with one of the sports physiotherapists at Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet.


A sports physiotherapist understands what happens during exercising or sports and how injuries are caused. In consultation with you a treatment plan and rehabilitation scheme is devised so that will soon be able to exercise at your original level. Your physiotherapist will observe and study your movements before analysing your injury. Aspects like coordination, speed, flexibility, strength and staying power are important assessment criteria on which to build your treatment.


Your sports physiotherapist selects from various treatment options. Wherever this might accelerate your recovery, your therapist will guide you through an exercising programme in the gym at Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet. Sometimes the use of braces or special taping may offer extra support in your recovery. The sports physiotherapist helps you on your way to painless sporting as quickly as possible. If a specially adjusted training programme should appear necessary after consultation, your sports physiotherapist may invite contact with your coach or trainer.

Do you have sports-related physical complaints? Just book an appointment with Frank, Arthur or Sannah.

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