When you use the gym facilities at Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet, please observe the following rules:

  • On account of hygiene, please use a towel in the exercising room.
  • Appropriate footwear is required in the gym. Outdoor trainers or trainers with black soles are not allowed. Wearing appropriate clothing (clean sports clothes) is of course important.
  • During your exercise, please deposit your clothes and other possessions in a changing room locker or in the storage facility in the gym.
  • Glassware is not allowed in the gym. Please bring any liquids required in a re-sealable bottle or cycling bidon for instance.
  • Eating in the gym is not allowed.
  • After using cardio equipment, please clean it for the next user. Tissue paper and cleanser are provided at the pillars found next to the equipment.
  • Please return bars, dumbbells, discs and other loose items to their regular places after use.
  • Using mobile phones in the gym is not allowed.
  • Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet is not liable for any loss, damage or theft of clothes or other possessions.