Registering for physiotherapy

It is not necessary for you to have a letter of referral when you wish to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists. You can apply to Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet with or without a referral from your doctor or specialist. Just book an appointment by phone or online, or apply to our reception desk. During your registration we will be recording your name and telephone number and the specialisation you wish to apply for. An initial appointment with one of our physiotherapists is always possible at short notice. Have you been referred to us by your family doctor or specialist? Please bring your referral letter to your first appointment. If you are not sure whether your health insurance reimburses physiotherapy, just inquire at the reception


We prepare a personal file for you during your first appointment at our practice. To this end we will require your personal details, the name of your insurance company and (if applicable) the letter of referral from your family doctor. As we are obliged to establish your identity on your first visit, please bring a valid ID.
Subsequently the physiotherapist will start the screening and will ask you about your complaint(s). Should further physiotherapeutic examination and treatment appear necessary following your screening? Then we will start the intake. At this stage your complaints are discussed more elaborately and an examination will follow. Your physiotherapist will be running through the results you would wish to achieve when taking the therapy. This stage is followed by the preparation of a therapy schedule in which the objective, type and (expected) number of treatments is recorded. In case your physiotherapist should not establish an indication for physiotherapy following your screening or first wishes to consult your family doctor, the screening process will be interrupted and your family doctor will be informed (subject to your agreement).

For you to bring to your first appointment:

  • Insurance card
  • Valid ID
  • Letter of referral (if any)


At Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet appointments may be cancelled or postponed at no cost up to 24 hours in advance. Appointments that have not been timely cancelled will be charged unless your physiotherapist decides otherwise.


You may also apply to us without bringing a letter of referral from a family doctor or specialist. Our physiotherapist will also attend to you direct for screening and therapy without a referral letter. Just book an appointment by phone or online, or apply to the reception desk at Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet. Should you be in possession of a referral letter, please inform us when booking your first appointment and bring the letter to your intake with our physiotherapist.