Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet has concluded contracts with all health insurance companies. The extent to which your treatment will be reimbursed depends on the policy conditions of your health insurance company and your insurance package. We can help you find the relevant information in your insurance policy. On the basis of your Civic Service Number (BSN) we can find out the maximum compensation for physiotherapy allowed under your additional insurance package. What we will not be able to establish however is the amount already used by you under your additional insurance package. Were you already treated by a physiotherapist earlier this year or are you uncertain about the number of treatment sessions to be reimbursed? Then contact your health insurer. The correctness of the policy information supplied by you is your own responsibility. Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet assumes no responsibility in this respect.


You may be insured in two ways:
1. You have contracted basic insurance only.
2. You have contracted basic and additional insurance.

Basic insurance
Basic insurance includes:

  • Physiotherapy for children up to 18 years suffering non-chronic complaints: max. 9-18 treatment sessions;
  • Physiotherapy for children up to 18 years suffering chronic complaints*: full coverage;
  • Physiotherapy 18 years and over: full coverage from the 21st session onwards in case of chronic complaints*.
    * A chronic complaint is a complaint included on the list of ‘chronic indications’.

If you suffer chronic complaints it does not automatically imply that you qualify for full reimbursement of costs. Please check this carefully with your family doctor, specialist or physiotherapist.

Own risk
As of 1 January 2017 all insured persons in the Netherlands has a so-called ‘own risk’ in the amount of € 385.-. This mandatory own risk is the maximum annual amount for you to pay in case of medical costs covered by basic insurance. Coverage in this case only includes very few healthcare indications for physiotherapy that would qualify for reimbursement. Therefore, in many cases your own risk will not be subtracted from when you pay for physiotherapy.

Additional insurance
Each person is at liberty to take out an additional insurance. All healthcare insurance companies offer a variety of packages; each with its own specific terms and reimbursements. The number of physiotherapy sessions to be reimbursed varies per insurance company and depends of the type of package. Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet has concluded contracts with all health insurance companies. Do you have additional insurance and is physiotherapy reimbursed under your policy? If so, your treatment sessions are paid by your health insurance company.

Every year you can change your health insurance company and your additional insurance terms. We advise you to check the contents of the various packages and your need for physiotherapeutic care. Would you need assistance in this respect? We will be happy to advise.



Physiotherapy treatment € 45,00
Home physiotherapy treatment € 66,25
Manual therapy treatment € 55,50
Home manual therapy treatment € 79,00
Screening € 18,50
Intake and examination after screening € 63,50
Intake and examination after screening at home € 71,00
Intake and examination after referral € 58,25
Home intake and examination after referral € 79,50
One-off physiotherapeutic consult € 75,25
Shockwave therapy per treatment session € 55,00
Ultrasound examination € 55,00

*Standard rates; applied when therapy is not reimbursed by your healthcare insurance. When you do get reimbursement we adjust the rates to your health insurance company’s rates. We will not send you an additional invoice in case your health insurance has paid the invoice at lower rates.




We send our invoice direct to your health insurance company. Therefore, as long as your physiotherapy treatment is covered by your insurance you will not receive an invoice. If you do not have additional insurance or are no longer entitled to reimbursement by way of your healthcare insurance you will receive an invoice for your treatment by the end of the month. Billing of private invoices has been outsourced to Infomedics.


Infomedics sets great value to the protection of your privacy–sensitive information. That is why the company is ISO27001-certified, which also goes for the service providers engaged by Infomedics to prepare and send your invoice.

Do you wish to learn more about the working methods used by Infomedics? Check their website or ask your physiotherapist or the Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet reception desk for the Infomedics brochure.